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Siddhant- A Journal of Decision Making-Indian JournalsJournal publications include studies/articles/papers which are peer-reviewed. Any article included in a journal, has been very rigorously reviewed against strict criteria and standards by a panel of researchers or scholars in the field. Journal publications are a rich source of information: they aim to continually challenge and build new knowledge about subject area. 

Siddhant a journal of decision making is a quarterly referred research journal published by RCM, Bhubaneswar, India. It covers topics relating to various dimensions of management and business.The mission of the journal Siddhant is to continue to be one of the top tier research and leading journal on management and business. The journal emphasizes on quality and relevance of articles in the field of management and business. It propagates knowledge to academicians researchers, practicing managers and students all over the world on regular basis.

Siddhant- A Journal of Decision Making

      • Publisher: Regional College of Management, Bhubaneswar
      • Print ISSN No: 2231-0649
      • Online ISSN: 2231-0657
      • Number of Issues per year-1
      • Print Frequency: Quarterly
      • Month(s) of publication: January, April, July and October