Placement Policy


AIMS Centre for Student Development (ACSD) enables the students of AIMS to bridge the gap between the Academia and Corporate world. Feedback from industry is collected and the feed back used to design Pre-Placement Training Programs. This important activity is vital to enable the students to achieve desired career objectives

The various components of the Pre-Placement Training Programs include modules on Current Affairs, General Aptitude, Technical Aptitude, Presentation Skills, Group Discussion Skills, Debate Skills, Interviews Skills & Mock Interviews, Industrial Analytics Workshops, etc. Training is also proposed based on the modern techniques of psychometric testing to give scientific career counseling to students to equip them to grab the opportunities available.

Company–specific orientation is conducted for students prior to all the placement drives organized by the institution. A special orientation program is also conducted before all the International Tours & Visits organized by AIMS and this has resulted in international placement offers for some of our students.


Requirements of a company are received by C&PR for campus recruitment. The same is formulized by initiating a meeting of the recruitment committee. The committee approves the campus placement and a circular is sent to department heads and students about the recruitment. The department shortlists the candidates and send the same to the C&PR. The list of students will be forwarded to the corporate and displayed on the AIMS Placement notice board.


The C&PR will shortlist the students from the database matching the company requirements and sends the list to Directors of the departments for approval. The list is displayed on the AIMS Placement display board and the same is sent to the corporate for further action.


  • Companies are expected to give a Pre-Placement Talk [PPT] laying out the details of the company and the offer before the process. In case there is no PPT by the company, then the C & PR department would give a PPT.
  • Once the student appears for the process, the student cannot reject the offer made by the company
  • Incase if a company has a specific requirement / request, the recruitment committee has all the rights to nominate a set / individual student(s) and it is mandatory that student/s has to attend the interview. In case selected and an offer is made, then student is free to decide about the same
  • Each student shall be eligible for only one offer. Till a confirmed offer letter is accepted by the student offered by the company
  • A company is free to make their choice of students irrespective of their specialization
  • Preferably, Pre-Placement Offer to summer trainees are to be made much before Day 1 and the student must decide on the offer within 24 hours of getting the offer
  • If the Pre-Placement Offer is accepted, the student will have to opt out of the institute placement process. However, a student with pending Pre-Placement Interview Offer is eligible to participate in the placement process
  • Any student who does not clear the Group Discussion stage for 10 companies or the Personal Interview stage for 5 companies shall not be allowed to appear for the placement till the whole batch is placed
  • The Director – C&PR shall decide on slots for companies. No company will be allowed to make offers before the slotted day and time
  • If, for any reason, a company wants to conduct its process before the slotted day and time they are free to do so but they shall make the final offer on the day the company is slotted
  • Companies offering international placements, paying in a currency other than the rupee are allowed to make spot offers to students, selecting them as consultants
  • However, the companies coming before their assigned day and time cannot make spot offers
  • In case a student who is placed through the institute placement process takes up private placement as well in another company, the Director, in consultation with the companies concerned, shall nullify both the offers
  • The appointment letter(s) will be in the custody of the Director and will be handed over to the student only at the convocation, after he/she has been deemed to have cleared the entire course and also after he / she has no dues towards the institute. In case the student does not pass the course, the appointment letter shall be withheld. However, the company is free to recruit the student
  • All correspondence to and from the company will be routed through the Corporate & Public Relations cell only
  • After the convocation, unless the company brings any breach of commitment on the part of the student to the notice of the Corporate & Public Relations cell, AIMS’s responsibility ceases
  • Ineligible from the placement activity. Students will be considered ineligible for placement activities if any of the below mentioned is true:
    • If students have not cleared the tuition fee dues
    • Students who have less than 80% attendance
    • Students who fail to achieve 100% attendance target in pre placement training
    • Student registers to attend a company’s interview and on the day of interview doesn’t turn up
    • Student attends 5 interviews of his choice and still fails to get the offer
    • If there is a misbehavior / indiscipline on the part of the student during the interview process
  • Ineligible student will be placed only after all the students are placed. Debarred students will be considered for placement again based on their improved performance and meeting the other criteria’s as approved by the recruitment committee.
  • Institute can stop a student from attending the interviews if they have dues of more than one semester. Institute has every right to allow a student to attend the interview if there is a genuine case with substantial evidence
  • Recruitment committee members :
    • Principal and Chief Executive Officer
    • Chief Operations Officer
    • Director – C&PR
    • Programme Director – MBA
    • Programme Director – MCOM
    • Program Manager – MCA
    • Programme Director – MTA / BHM
    • Program Manager – MSW