M. Com in Financial and Control (MFC)

Профессия бухгалтер: образование, сфера деятельности и карьерные перспективыRCM, Bhubaneswar commenced the M.Com in Finance & Control (MFC) program from the academic year 2016. MFX is a two-year (four semesters) program, affiliated to Utkal University and is designed exclusively as a separate course that provides an extra competitive edge to the students who wish to specialize and make a career in Finance and Accounting. Majority of the subjects covered in the course are dynamic in nature which changes as per the fiscal and monetary policies of the Government. Therefore, this course instills the habit of periodic updating of knowledge in students which is the need of the hour in modern business world. This dedicated program will give students a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of the financial and accounting tools, techniques and controls available and the ability to apply these in the workplace with confidence. This course provide the students with opportunities to develop managerial and analytical skills in order to meet the challenges of business at the national and global level.

For a successful career in commerce and financial accounting, enroll yourself for the M.Com (F&C) / MFC program in RCM, Bhubaneswar.

The course also deals with active principles of economics, accounting, commerce and mathematics.

  • Masters in financial management also covers a wide range of topics on financial regulations and control with emphasis on how to conduct financial transactions and dealings through legal channels and pursuing ethical business administration. 
  • The program also offers insight on various taxation and lawful practices and procedures that the businesses can participate in to make their administration more secure and stable.
  • Master of Finance and Control also allows its students to study in depth about various equity and assets management and control which a business can undertake for expansion. 
  • The course also assists individuals in developing exceptional characteristic changes in terms of analytical bent of mind and also helps in aiding decision making skills as well as risk management. 

Why Study Master of Finance and Control? 

Finances of any organizations are an integral part of the system and are needed to govern and manage transactions and dealings of business with stability and growth; hence MFC course is essential in many ways and tends to give importance to equity shares and investment management.

  • Candidates can also utilize this degree in the sector of banking where individuals can secure jobs as bankers, clerks and branch Managers. They successfully aid the banks in running smooth administration and hierarchical activities in an organized manner.

  • MFC is also capable of producing individuals who are well versed and efficient in handling marketing strategies and budget allocation jobs where they are able to manage the existing finances for certain projects and obtain the desired results within the budget and control unnecessary transactions.

  • Candidates can also work as consultants associated with finance and accounting in banks or accountancy firms, such individuals are responsible for delivering advice and sound insights on management of wealth and investments of existing clients and help them stabilize their assets.

  • Candidates can also work as risk analysts and offer services in terms of risk management in business and how such predicaments can be minimized to deliver desired results without loss.

M F C Course Highlight

Some of the major course highlights of Masters in Finance and Control is listed below:

Course level Postgraduate
Full form Masters of Finance and Control
Duration Two years
Examination type Offline and Semester based
Eligibility Bachelor’s degree (10+2+3)
Admission process Entrance Test
Top recruiting agencies Just Dial, Ernst & Young, Genpact, ICICI, HDFC, HSBC, Accenture, Toyota, Infosys, Adobe, HCL, IBM, Ebay, Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal, Alibaba, Google,
Job positions Manager, Investment Banker, Business Analyst, Market Analyst, Operations Manager, Personal Finance, Consultant, Revenue Agent, Risk Analyst, Money Manager, Securities Analyst, Tax Adviser, Accountant, Budget Analyst, Corporate Analyst, Equity Research Analyst, Financial Analysts.

M F C  Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria for Masters in Finance and Control is given below:

  • Candidates should have a minimum of 50 percent in their intermediate programs as well as bachelor’s program in any discipline but preferably in commerce/accounting/ mathematics
  • Candidates are also expected to have qualified an entrance exam such as CAT or CET conducted by various colleges and universities in India to secure admission in the desired college.


Course Fee