Life @ RCM

Excelling in academics is important but becoming a complete human being is mandatory, at RCM we believe that student’s involvement in extracurricular activities develops their overall personality. The campus life here offers them the best exposure by promoting participation in sports, cultural activities, self – governance and values, quizzes and etc. Harnessing the skills of students by focusing on the development of their individual, professional and personal growth is an important part of life at campus.

A vibrant, multi-cultural campus life at RCM makes it a wonderful experience for the students, students from different walks of life interact with each other making them accept the nuances of the other culture’s and makes them a well equipped global manager. Participation in different activities at the campus helps them attain excellent communication skills, organizing skills and skills to work together in groups.

Focus on Human Values

The important of the human values in education is lost in the era of globalization, because it only stimulates the educational system by the economic point of view. Success of economies is attributed to the strong educational systems that they possess, and it is through education only that we can instill human values in the future generation for a better and prosperous tomorrow for all and not just for the few sections of the society. RCM realizing the importance of inculcating human values in its students organizes various activities to make them realize that it is they who have the onus of building a brighter society not only for themselves but for the society as a whole.

Developing Global Managers

Globalization is the way of life for all organizations today and they require people who can efficiently and effectively maneuver through the face pace of businesses. With academic programs catering to this need, students get an exposure to the outside world and get to know the culture of other countries. Seminars, Summer Internship programs abroad and etc give our students a cutting edge as they have now understood the nitty gritties of other cultures and are true global managers. Courses like  MBA, BBA, PGDM or Semester Abroad options give students opportunity to visit universities abroad and gain an understanding of the culture which will help them in tackling businesses with utmost efficiency. It also helps them integrate management skills with cross-cultural skills thus making them true global managers.

Beyond Academics

Students are encouraged to involve in various sports and cultural activities. Students work under the committee’s which organizes events from time to time in the field of sports and cultural activities.

Cultural Committee

This committee emphasizes and integrates the cultural diversity that exists on the campus. It also helps in maintaining a congenial atmosphere on the campus giving every student a break away from the usual rigors of academic life. It also helps students in showcasing their talent as well as exhibit exemplary creative and innovative skills in organizing events. The Cultural committee is responsible for:

      • Formation of cultural events with social events
      • Events heads and organizers
      • List of cultural events(Small and Large scale)
      • Arrange for sponsors

Sports Committee

The sports committee is responsible for organizing inter and intra-college level football, cricket, and Basket ball tournaments. This Committee is also instrumental in facilitating RCM’s participation in RCM annual Sports Meet on the occasion of Founder’s Day in February each year.

Club & Committees

RCM firmly believes that learning becomes more effective when students practically experience the situations that they could face in actual business settings, thus there is a strong focus on academics and extracurricular activities going hand in hand. All work and no play will make jack a dull boy and thus students at RCM are encouraged to participate in the various functions were the onus of organizing the event and making the event a success is on the students. The activities include participation in the institutions annual festival  which gives them exposure to the corporate world, cultural fests, convocation, quizzes, sports, cultural activities, placement activities etc. Students, by participating in these activities, get an opportunity to showcase their talents and creativity thus fostering overall development of their personality. A close knit network of mentor and mentees exists at RCM and it is under the guided efforts of the faculty mentors that the students engage in such activities and evolve from their chrysalis. Various committee’s and clubs exists and students coordinate and participate in activities of these committee’s according to their interests.