Industrial Visit

Industry visit to World Bank |Industrial visit has its own importance in a career of a student who is pursuing a professional degree. It is considered as a part of college curriculum, mainly seen in engineering/MBA courses. Objectives of industrial visit are to provide students an insight regarding internal working of companies.

Industrial visits are an essential part of the academic curriculum in most of the Graduate and Post-graduate courses. Being a part of interactive learning, such educational visits give students a major exposure to real working environments along with a practical perspective of a theoretical concept relevant to their domain. In addition to that, industrial visits bridge the widening gap between theoretical learning and practical exposure by giving students the first-hand exposure to identify the inputs and outputs for different business operations and processes performed at the workplace.

Intending to go beyond classroom learning, the industrial tours contribute a lot in holistic student development by letting students learn about the current trends in the market, the future scenario of the industry and the new technologies that are being applied in the industry.

Benefits of industrial Tours

    • Opportunity to interact with Industry Experts: Industrial visits provide students with a chance to meet industry leaders, professionals, entrepreneurs, policymakers, and corporates who share their wisdom, learning, and experiences. These interactions are useful to students in their career and help them in developing leadership qualities, management skills, and learn about the industry working. Industry interaction is also helpful in updating the curriculum when there are significant changes in prevalent technologies; also, the faculty members get to know about the industry’s latest trends.
    • Learning experience: Educational tours to industries provide an opportunity for students to see and experience real workstations, plants, machines, systems, assembly lines, and interact with highly trained and experienced personnel. This practical learning experience is necessary for students who have to date studied theory only and are unaware of a real production plant’s daily workings. The students learn about company policies in terms of production, quality, and service management and acquaint themselves with the working of instruments during the course curriculum.
    • Enhanced employability and PPO’s: Industrial visits play a crucial role in increasing networking opportunities while building a good relationship with companies. For students, such trips open many doors for corporate training and internships, which in turn increase the students’ employability. Oftentimes, many students are offered PPO’s as a result of fruitful interaction between the company’s HR and students. 
    • Management Lessons: During the industrial visits, the students get an opportunity to experience how professionals live, learn about various management concepts like Just In Time or Lean manufacturing and how they are put into action. It is not easy to manage hundreds of skilled and unskilled workers at the same time and meet the stringent quality norms and production targets of the company. How managers, production engineers, employees work in tandem to achieve a common target is a management lesson in itself. And therefore, such exposure during the industrial visit is quite beneficial for MBA students.
    • Interpersonal skills enhancement: Industrial trips help students to enhance their interpersonal, communication skills, and teamwork abilities. These visits have, time and again, proved to be an excellent platform for networking as the students interact and connect with the corporates via official social media platforms like Facebook, Linked In, and Twitter. These educational/ industrial trips also help the students identify their learning towards a branch and decide their future work areas like marketing, finance, operations, IT, HR, etc.
    • Day off from the usual melancholy: Finally, these industrial visits provide the students much-needed break from the usual melancholic theory classes, and students get a chance to engage in fun learning. The students get an opportunity to learn something outside the four walls of their college.