Global educational tours is built around the practice of experiential learning

Benefits of Educational Tours

1. Effective Learning:

Practical implementation of concepts is the most effective tool for learning. While classroom learning may give them an opportunity to apply their learning on hypothetical situations, an educational tour, on the other hand, makes students face real-life problems. Coming up with solutions makes them innovative thinkers. When learning is accompanied by fun, excitement, and enjoyment, it stops being burdensome and boring, and students learn as a part of their natural growing up process.

2. Exchange of Ideas:

An educational tour offers the perfect informal set-up for lively discussions. Group- discussion is also one of the most effective tools of education. Students can have group discussions not only amongst their friends, classmates, and peers but also with new people. This reignites their interest in studies. Real life experiences like educational tours to science museums, museums of history and arts, places of research, or factory visits are priceless as they make learning colorful and real.  

3. Personal Development:

An educational tour away from the comfort of school and home fosters independence, leadership skills, and communication skills. Students learn to break down the barriers of language and learn how to communicate across boundaries.  An exchange of cultural values allows for them to become more accommodating personalities. The experience of travel makes them independent individuals and helps establish lifelong values and priorities. Travel also makes them strong individuals.

4. Enhances Perspective:

An educational tour to new places is not just a fun get-away. It is about exploring new environments and cultures. One of the most important benefits of an educational tour is that it subtly develops an understanding of various social issues around the world. Students get a better grip on the local and the global issues. They become more empathetic and respectful towards other cultures as well as towards their own surroundings. An educational travel empowers them with a new and enhanced perspective to look at things and develops them into considerate personalities, well aware of the world issues at large and in depth.

5. Global Networking:

As students travel to different places, they interact with different people. Interacting with locals and other students on educational tours they develop amazing social skills and networks. University visits and school visits are particularly beneficial as students develop a family outside of their own comfort zones and an extended network of contacts and references. They learn the norms of acceptable social behavior in different circumstances and learn to extend a hand of friendship to people from different culture, socio-economic backgrounds. This develops the most sought out people- skills in them.