G lo b a l   E x p o s u r e

“Nobody can discover the world for somebody else. Only when we discover it for ourselves”

Global Exposure | School of Law (SMU)We provide expert guidance to the students who want to study in Abroad for undergraduate and postgraduate level of education . We prepare understudies for IELTS, TOEFL and in increasing fluency in Spoken English. We provide masterful preparation for GRE, GMAT and SAT examinations.

Since establishment, due to our highly professional services and high visa success rate with almost 100% Client satisfaction, RCM has turned into a well-known and presumed BRAND in foreign education industry in India.

We, at RCM help you design your career pathways which are most suited to you in foreign countries. We believe in transforming and grooming you to meet the challenges of today’s competitive global village and to become one of the most successful professionals in your desired field. We are up-to-date with the latest changes in student visa and immigration policies. We believe in providing  Student services and that’s why you are very special to us.

International Education Policy

In the International Education Policy (IEP) Program, you will explore some of the most challenging issues facing teachers and learners worldwide. IEP is a year-long, full-time graduate program that prepares the next generation of leaders in international education reform. The many strengths of IEP include:

  • Student-Led Learning Experiences – IEP students create opportunities to deepen their knowledge of topics that interest them, through study groups, leadership of student organizations, leadership of topical conferences, or participation in numerous co-curricular programs.
  • Cohort and Community – During your time at HGSE, you will have the opportunity to learn alongside a diverse group of peers who have a shared passion for education and an intellectual curiosity that will help transform the field. You will develop strong bonds and a supportive learning community through participation in various cohort and community-building, virtual activities hosted by your program, student organizations, and HGSE faculty and staff.
  • World-Class Faculty – IEP includes some of the top scholars and practitioners in their fields: education nonprofit management, early childhood development, literacy in developing countries, and more. These same world-class scholars will be your teachers, mentors, advisers, and connections to professional opportunities.