Putney Breeze Business Advisors – Optimize Management APMAA Xiamen China  2012RCM introduced the FINTECH Club for the benefits and development of the student in the financial sector. The essence of finance and its analysis is learnt by application, the hands on learning which gets engrained in the students skill set for the life time. It’s hence the endeavor of the club to harness the talent  in the financial aspects of management, in a composite manner by combining the faculty and the students focus for the mutual benefit of the tripartite synergy (faculty, students and the corporate).


    • Investor Rights, Obligations and Rights to Remedies.
    • ‘Overview of the Exchange’, ‘Capital Markets’, ‘Derivative Markets’.
    • Students will learn about stock exchange structure, its operations, products traded on it.
    • Seminars on important and contemporary topics.
    • Panel discussions and expert committee review.
    • Providing the research and development topics.
    • Organizing debate and group discussion.
    • The club’s activities cover a broad range of verticals within finance such as investment banking, securities, private equity, venture capital, retail banking, wealth management, insurance and microfinance.
    • The club provides continuous guidance and counseling to the students regarding careers in finance and assists the student community in preparing for their recruitment interviews.

FINTECH Club Meeting will take place every Monday from 3.35pm till 4.30pm.

(Activities & Events , Club Meeting , Lectures on)

      • Corporate Finance (CFI)
      • Investments (INV)
      • Derivatives (DRV)
      • Financial Accounting Analysis (FAA)
      • Private Equity and Financial Entrepreneurship (PEF)
      • Applied Knowledge for the Financial Manager (APP)
      • Dummy Trading
      • Students Presentations
      • Case Studies