Data Science Club

Latest stories published on Waterloo Data Science Club – MediumRCM has launched the Data Science Club to bridge the sizable gap between aspiring college students who dream of a Data Science career and the limited talent availability plaguing India’s vast Data Science industry. The Data Science Club’s primary objective is to unify colleges across the country that want to promote Data Science as a desirable career path to their students by getting them to join our revolutionary career-oriented corporate club.

The Data Science Club aims to educate Management & IT students on the importance of quantitative analytics and identify opportunities for members to pursue careers in or closely related to the field of data science across many industries. We see data science as the intersection of business acumen, statistical fluency and technical expertise — a field increasingly in demand as business store information on customers, transactions, employees and competitors.

Mission & Vision

      • Create the perfect path to success in the Data Science industry for aspiring students.
      • Facilitate knowledge sharing of research and project data between a vast student network, with the aim of addressing India’s growing shortage of Data Scientists.
      • Swift exchange of ideas, information and knowledge pertaining to Data Science among club members across the country.
      • Ensure that every student receives a thoroughly fulfilling learning experience that involves industry-approved cutting-edge Data Science practices and technological tools.