Computer Application

BSB42105 Certificate Iv In Leadership And Management - Excel CollegeThe Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA) and the Master of Computer Application (MCA) are undergraduate and postgraduate programs or courses which have guidelines and eligibility set out by the All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE). They are typically three-year programs that span six semesters. They are designed to bridge the gap between the studies of computers and its applications. The master’s program aims to shape computer professionals with the right moral and ethical values and can prepare students to face the challenges and opportunities in the IT industry of India by building strong foundations.

The syllabus focuses on the core fundamentals of computer science, but generally undergoes revision according to the industry requirement with the aim of increasing employment opportunities for students. Admission to both the BCA and MCA can be obtained by clearing the appropriate entrance exams. Having a background in science can help in grasping concepts, and mathematics is a compulsory subject. BCA and MCA graduates can seek job opportunities in fields like software development, web design, systems management, quality assurance and software testing. A MCA or BCA graduate can work in IT companies big and small in various roles.