Centre For Consulting Services

Shipment Consultancy Service in Padamavathipuram East, Gandhi Nagar,  Tiruppur | ID: 4558969312RCM Centre for Consulting’s (RCC) primary objective is to build an ecosystem that enables faculties and students to get the maximum industry exposure through consulting and aiding organisations in their endeavour for continuous improvement.

RCC explores and makes use of the opportunities for knowledge and experience sharing with other organisations through consulting services both in India and abroad. The centre involves faculty and students to enable them to harness their managerial skills, strengths and competency for the benefit of the Industry, Institute and self.


RCC as a centre of Excellence is committed to raise the practical working capabilities of students and faculty of AIMS by practically working against collection of advance fees from Corporates / Businesses and pro-bono for NGO’s

RCC has been raised with the understanding by AIMS that there is too large a gap between Academic teaching and practical work in India. In order to gain skills and make them more useful to industry students need to do practical work and get exposed to realities. In order to teach better faculty need to do practical work and get exposed to best practices and realities of the environments. Further RCM as an institution and RCC as a Centre of Excellence need to use its resources for value addition. Book knowledge is only the starting point and it is in applying this book knowledge by working in the real world that the journey to excellence starts in real terms.


RCM has already taken up a number of assignments with some of the leading companies in India. Following is a list of completed and current assignments :

Sixth Sense Media


Outsourced CFO & Vice President Finance, Business Development, BPO, Internal Audit and Collections

Plastiglove and Allied Industries Pvt Ltd


Outsourced CEO, Business Development, Systems and Procedures, Audit & Accounts



HR Policies, Onboarding

Whistle Blowers (Pty) Ltd


Development of Concept and Strategic Selling of Outsourced Whistleblowing in India

Redwood Associates


Strategic Consulting

Maveric Systems


Training material on Financial Systems

Grassroots BPO


Startegic Marketing of BPO and Staffing Services

Look Beyond Resumes


Strategic Marketing Consultancy work